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Another important point, and this is even more crucial if you don’t have much technical skill, is to check that each panel that you buy is working at the time of purchase, and what the exact power output of each is. This isn’t hard to check, all you need is to connect a multimeter to the output when the panel is in direct sunlight. And this has two advantages.




One point that you absolutely must remember is that solar panels degrade with use, and so, even if you buy old panels, you should only buy old panels that haven’t been used much, such as those that have been held in storage.

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But even if you do not have this level of technical knowledge, but have a little extra space in which to set up solar panels, you can create relatively cheap and workable home solar power systems, by simply buying up outdated solar panels. There are just two things to keep in mind when you do this, but both are important.

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