Portable Solar Battery Charger And Its Uses

Portable Solar Battery Charger – Its Efficient Uses And Advantages

Using a portable solar battery charger could be the first step along the road to realizing the value of solar power as a viable energy source. For many people, this leads to making better use of it, installing solar panels, using solar batteries to store power, and finally saying goodbye to fossil fuels and coal altogether. From small electronics to arrays of solar panels, solar energy provides unlimited environmentally safe energy to all who want to make use of it. There is more than enough for all.

Even those that are not aware of the easy to use benefits of solar energy, such as using a portable solar battery charger, try to do their part. Rechargeable batteries or that solar battery, after all, sound like a great alternative to throwing more disposable batteries into landfills but look more closely and you’ll see that recharging batteries in a wall recharger can be a waste of money and energy.

A plugin or wall recharger differs from a portable solar battery charger in that it is always drawing energy whether in use or not if left plugged in. This causes a drain on the local power grid which you get billed for. A portable solar battery charger, on the other hand, only works when you need it to and absorbs only solar energy, feeding the electricity into the batteries or devices you are charging at the time.

Another added benefit is the convenience of the portable solar battery charger. Unlike the wall charger, this one can go with you anywhere and serve a variety of needs. Going camping? This type of charger allows you to easily recharge your GPS system, cell phone, even your laptop conveniently by the use of solar battery charging. All you need is to point the mini solar panel at the sun and let it do its work. Some models come with suction cups so you can even mount them on a car’s windshield so they work as you drive.

Of course, there is the one obvious problem with a portable solar battery charger. The sun has to hit the panels more or less directly in order for them to work. If it is a cloudy day, the charger may not work well, if at all. The same holds true for early morning or evening hours when the sun is not as bright. There is an easy way around this, however.

Make sure you charge all of your batteries and devices before embarking on a camping or road trip. This way you can avoid sudden bad weather stopping you from recharging the things you need. Also, charge up a few spares for longer trips. Remember that it takes several hours of sunlight to completely charge a battery or device so time things accordingly. Also, make sure that your portable solar battery charger is in good repair. If the panels, for example, aren’t working properly, the entire charger won’t be very efficient.

The switch to solar power is a move in the right direction towards helping the environment by no longer contributing to waste.

As more and more people begin to utilize solar energy for their needs such as solar battery chargers, we move closer and closer towards greener living and environmental renewal.

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