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Power 4 Home is one of a few products, worth serious consideration for anyone who would want to start saving money by generating their own electricity.

What is different about the Power 4 Home guide, in comparison to other available guides? Power 4 Home is one of the easiest manuals to follow for achieving your homemade electricity-generating goals.

After a thorough comparison of several selected solar and wind energy guides, it has come to our attention that many of the guides offered insufficient information, while others gave vague guidelines, resulting in their inability to properly instruct you in constructing your own solar power system.

This was not the case with Power 4 Home. This manual and video kit had the clearest and easiest to understand instructions, which can be followed by a slightly mechanically inclined homeowner.

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Another important aspect is the double value, contained in Power 4 Home. Power 4 Home is a guide, which teaches both, how to construct and install a wind turbine and a solar power system.

Solar-powered electricity and wind-powered electricity are two complementary methods for the generation of homemade energy, each one of which will serve as a backup for the other. For instance, there are many areas, where the weather changes from season to season, such as sunnier in the summer, and windier in the spring and autumn. Wind turbines generate electricity through the nights when solar panels naturally will not be generating electricity. A practical homeowner may decide to build both systems, which would substitute one another at the time of alternating conditions.

Power 4 Home is a valuable guide, which we believe to substantially surpass alternative available products.

Power 4 Home, unlike most of the guides that we reviewed, includes clear instructions on how to build each one of the two energy generating methods – solar panels and wind turbines.

Additionally, John Russel, the creator of the Power 4 Home kit, teaches how to create your own renewable energy system for less than $200.

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I have been looking into homemade energy for years. Solar panels are expensive, and so are windmills… I was looking into building something myself. Searching online simply did not give enough information, and I decided to bite the bullet and buy a good guide. I seriously think I found the best one. Power 4 Home helped me build my own solar power system, and it was relatively easy. I have to say that it does save money!
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Below we introduce the creator of the guide, talk about the Power 4 Home guide itself, discuss its advantages and disadvantages, and offer the conclusion of our review.

About John Russel – the Creator of Power 4 Home System
Power 4 Home is created by John Russel, an electrician, and a home energy expert.
At some point in his life, John decided to quit his job as an electrician, in order to be able to dedicate is life to home power generation.

Back in 2001, John already had a solar panel in his very own backyard, in Minnesota. With time, John has managed to become completely energy sufficient, using his own solar and wind power systems.

Minnesota is an area, famous for its weather extremes. Not only are the summers in Minnesota very sunny and warm, but it’s also extremely windy in this area, with straight-line high-velocity winds.

Minnesota might have become a perfect area for John’s goals, providing him with perfect weather for both, solar panels and homemade windmills.

However, the fact is that most areas on earth have alternating seasons, which means that practically any homeowner can follow John’s example and guide, and equip themselves with a system, which would provide them with energy year round, no matter if it’s sunny or windy, day or night.

Check Out the Amazing Power 4 Home Guide For Yourself
About the Power 4 Home Guide
Power 4 Home is a complete manual, which bears in mind that not every homeowner is an electrical expert. The manual is oriented towards an average do-it-yourself home improvement enthusiast, who is not necessarily a skilled electrician.

The guide is created to help a regular homeowner with any level of electrical knowledge, to be able to create their own energy-sufficient system in their own backyard.

What does the Power 4 Home guide consist of? This guide includes easy-to-follow fully-illustrated manuals and step by step instructional videos (approximately a 3 hour-long video), created by home energy expert John Russel.

The guide is the result of John’s work, during which he tested various equipment and technology, searching for the most effective method to reduce his power bills and become energy-independent.

Through trial and error, John found a way to help any homeowner, including himself, to reduce their electric bills by up to 80%, or eliminate them entirely.

That is how the home energy generation kit by John Russel – the Power 4 Home guide emerged.

Check Out the Amazing Power 4 Home Guide For Yourself
I saw that my neighbor got a windmill. We often chat, and I asked him about his windmill. Well, it turned out that he built it on his own with a Power 4 Home guide. I basically asked him for the guide and for some advice, and I built my own windmill, too! Now there’re other people asking me about my windmill and how to build one!
Excerpt from theenvironmentsite.org forum
Advantages of the Power 4 Home Guide
The Power 4 Home guide has several important features, placing it above the majority of other available homemade energy guides.
Years of research, undertaken by John Russel in his attempt of creating a sound homemade energy system, resulted in some important findings.
First of all, John managed to find out that it is possible to create a homemade solar and wind power system, which in no way will be inferior to commercial systems.
One of the major handicaps of the systems, sold on the market, is their hefty price. Few homeowners can afford to purchase a system that would cost them a few thousand dollars. Even though such a system would help the homeowner save money on their electric bills, the money spent would not pay off for a few years.
John managed to replicate a professional system in his own backyard, which was almost ten times cheaper than the regular market price of commercial systems. In his Power 4 Home manual, John teaches fellow home energy enthusiasts, how to build their own home system for as little as $200. The money is saved by purchasing all the needed components and assembling them by the homeowner themselves.
The low cost of the homemade system makes it accessible even for the homeowners with the tightest budgets.
The second important feature of this guide is its simplicity. Many other guides, which were previously reviewed by us, were lacking exactly this necessary component. Building a homemade electricity generating system is an involved process, which requires any guide to not just provide all of the necessary information, but also to offer this information in an easy to understand way.
The Power 4 Home guide is proven to provide exactly what it promises – guiding the homeowner through each step of the process, to the achievement of the set goal. Us, and a large number of other reviewers see eye to eye – Power 4 Home guide allows you to personally assemble and install your own solar or wind power system, even if you are not an expert in electric.
In order to make sure that the Power 4 Home manual can be followed by any do-it-yourself person, John tested his guide on 25 volunteers. Every one of the 25 people managed to successfully finish the project and make their systems work, even though none of them had any knowledge regarding solar panels or home windmills.
Check Out the Amazing Power 4 Home Guide For Yourself
Disadvantages of the Power 4 Home Guide
Just like anything else, Power 4 Home guide has its disadvantages.

We believe that this manual, just like probably any other product on the market, is somewhat hyped up. For instance, one of the advertised features of the system is that it might help you start a part-time business, building solar panels and wind turbines, and selling them locally, such as to your neighbors.
The fact is that not everyone is ready to equip their homes with a solar panel or a wind turbine. Many homeowners prefer using electricity from electric companies that they have always used.
Thus, if you are considering purchasing Power 4 Home in order to start a business, think twice. Unfortunately, it might not be as easy as it’s portrayed by John.
Furthermore, we believe that this manual best suits the do-it-yourself individuals. You do not have to be a technically savvy person to make your own renewable energy system, but you have to have a good knowledge of ordinary tools, including drills, screwdrivers, and so on.
Check Out the Amazing Power 4 Home Guide For Yourself
Well, I have to say that it was one of the most pleasant feeling to see the meter running backward! I would recommend this kit to anyone who is serious about their finances!
Excerpt from Youtube user comments

After thorough research of the Power 4 Home guide, we compared it with other homemade energy guides. We believe that the Power 4 Home guide surpasses its competition, and is a leading homemade renewable energy guide, due to the following reasons:

Power 4 Home guide is written by a home energy expert, researcher, and inventor – electrician John Russel. John has been testing his systems for many years. His tests also included volunteers. The results have shown that a non-technically-inclined do-it-yourself person can build a solar-powered or wind-powered system, using the diagrams, the instructions and the videos of the Power 4 Home kit.
The guide teaches how to save a large amount of money by assembling and installing the system by the homeowners themselves, in contrast to buying an expensive system on the market.
This guide includes additional valuable information, including how to create a portable energy-generating unit, how to find batteries for storing the generated energy free of charge, how to find all the needed parts for the system in a hardware store and a list of places and vendors for locating discounted parts for the system.
The guide teaches how to build both, solar power systems and wind power systems, and not just one or the other.
This guide covers different methods of installing the systems, including mounting solar panels on the roof or on stands in your backyard. This also includes measures for protecting your systems in harsh weather.
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We would recommend Power 4 Home to any homeowner, who is looking for a comprehensive guide on building a complete home energy system with solar panels and/or wind turbines. This guide also includes clear instructions on storing the generated power and connecting the assembled energy system to your home.

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