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Not only do you know that all the panels you buy are in working condition, but, by adding up the outputs, you know, even before you set it up, just what the energy output of your home solar systems is going to be.

The problem is that the issue of depleting energy reserves is not important enough to the voting public, because they haven’t exactly begun to feel the coming energy shortage yet, which allows the present governments to take the present comfortable, though not very wise approach to the situation, instead of investigating possible solutions such as (for example) the inflatable solar system.

Residential Services

Residential Services

So what exactly is the inflatable solar system? I know the name makes it sound like a star and planets that can be inflated instantaneously, but while the reality may not be so dramatic, it is certainly useful. An inflatable solar system is a system of heating water that can be inflated. More solar system facts will be given below.

  • Inflatable Solar Water Heaters

  • Solar Battery Chargers

  • Solar Panel Kits & Installation

  • Solar Energy Cells

Commercial Services

Deflated, it folds and becomes extremely compact – actually compact enough to fit into, and be carried in a backpack. And I’m sure that knowing that, you can imagine all the useful possibilities this makes possible.

  • Commercial Solar Panels

  • Solar Panel Arrays

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  • High-Capacity Solar Water Heaters

Commercial Services
Industrial Services

Industrial Services

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  • Solar Charging Cells

  • Renewable Charging Stations

  • Solar Hot Water

  • Solar Battery Charging

  • Lighting

    Lighting Upgrades

    Best of all, the system is hardy and extremely weather resistant, which means that you can use it anywhere – on the roof of your house, on the roof of your mobile home when you stop somewhere. 

  • Ceiling Fan

    Install A Ceiling Fan

    Why, if you have a big enough group when camping, this heating system could be carried along, to provide solar powered heated water just about anywhere, via your inflatable solar system.

  • Generator Set

    Backup Generators

    Solar power water heating systems have been around for a long, long time, of course, and are indeed in use all over the world. 

  • Wiring

    Wiring Upgrades

    However, this is the first time anyone has tried to not only make such a system portable but even better to keep the price within affordable norms.

  • LED Bulb

    LED Lighting

    But just how affordable is it? Well, IDC, the UK based company that markets the inflatable solar system, claims that they will retail individual units at not more than a hundred pounds or about two hundred dollars at the most.

  • Electric Insurance

    Insurance Inspections

    And that is very affordable in an industry where the price of solar power systems or solar electric systems have been basically what has been keeping growth rates low.

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But if the inflatable panel becomes that small folded, just how big and how effective is it inflated? Well, it inflates to a square each side of which measure two meters long, or about seven feet! And as for effectiveness, this inflatable solar system can heat enough water to fill three tanks.

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