Solar Power Batteries – The Deciding Factor When Purchasing A Solar Battery

The question of whether or not you need to purchase solar power batteries depends on how extensive your solar energy system is. Some people invest only a small amount of time and expense in their solar systems, while others go for a full switch to solar energy. Both have their advantages, of course, depending on your needs and how much you are able to afford. In terms of helping the environment, as well as saving on energy costs, either method can be valuable. Perhaps a small investment now might lead to a full switch in time.

Basically there are two ways to use solar energy in your home. You can use an on-grid or grid-tier system. This system uses the excess energy drawn by solar panels and feeds it back into the existing power grid your home is connected to. This means that you save money on energy bills by effectively gaining credit for the electricity to put into the grid. This type of arrangement might need solar power batteries, depending on how much energy you use and when.

The second configuration is an off the grid system, where you use your solar panels to generate all of the power you need and leave the local grid entirely. This type of system definitely needs solar power batteries to work, since you won’t have the grid to draw power from when the sun isn’t shining or during cloudy weather.

It is during the early morning hours and evening that most households are most active and electricity is needed. For this reason, solar power batteries are useful, even for people on the grid that want to save some money. As the solar panel absorbs light and converts it to electricity, it is stored for later use. Solar batteries, typically deep-cycle lead-acid batteries, are designed to be charged and discharged repeatedly.

Solar power batteries can last for many years provided you take care of them and don’t discharge them too much at once. You can consider having a solar battery charging if you want. Typically these batteries can withstand a depth of discharge of about fifty percent and remain in good condition, so make sure the solar power batteries you purchase can store enough power for your needs. As long as you keep them clean and maintain them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations they should last a good long time.

If you prefer a maintenance-free solar power battery, there are several types available, although they are more expensive. The sealed lead-acid battery is more costly but requires no maintenance, simply replacement after its useful battery life. The sealed gel battery is also maintenance-free and more costly, however, care must be taken to not overcharge and damage the battery.

Choosing which type of solar power batteries to use depends on your needs. Regardless of whether you decide you need a solar power battery for your home, you’ve made a valuable decision in looking into solar energy and moving away from other energy sources. The sun generates a virtually limitless amount of energy and slowly but surely we are making use of it and helping our environment.


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